Have You Ever Felt The Need For An Expert Who REALLY Focuses On (Deeply) Understanding What "YOU" Need Rather Than Bragging About Their Own Expertise? — If So, Then Look No Further!

My Name Is Umer — And My Goal Is To Make YOU Succeed In YOUR Goals.

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Last Updated: May of 2021   Page 1 of 3   UMER QAISER   RESUME / CV   • PERSONAL WEBSITE:   • LINKEDIN PROFILE:   • UPWORK PORTFOLIO:   • EMAIL ADDRESS: /   • PHONE NUMBER:   (Please contact via LinkedIn or Email to schedule a call.)   • LOCATION:   Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan.   MY CAREER BACKGROUND:   "Think Globally, Act Locally."   Hello! 👋 Let Me Begin With A Question — Have You Ever Felt The Need For An Expert Who Focuses On (Deeply)   Understanding What YOU Need, Rather Than Bragging About Their Own Expertise? — If So, Look No Further!   My Name Is Umer — And My Goal Is To Make YOU Succeed In YOUR Goals.   Most People Find Me As A Dynamic, Articulate And Smart-Working Individual. Always Eager For A (Win-Win)   Collaboration And To Take On New (And Impactful) Challenges. My Work Mantra Is That Every Detail In (Almost)   Anything — Absolutely Matters!   Driven By An Ever-Evolving Passion For 🚀 Digital Transformation, I Am Blessed To Have Evolved As A Multi-   Dimensional Thinker, Worker & Learner Across Several Industries (Including Information Technology, Software,   Robotics, Automotive & Automation) With About 5+ Years Of Versatile Experience, A Business & Marketing Acumen,   A Diversified Technical Skill-set And A Focus On Impactful Communication.   ◻   CORE VALUES I THRIVE ON:   ◼   Growth Mindset (As Opposed To A Fixed Mindset)   ◼   Empathic And Learn-It-All Thinking (As Opposed To Know-It-All Thinking)   ◼   A Sense-Of-Purpose To Be Able To Meet The Un-Met, Un-Articulated Needs Of The People.   ◼   Honesty And Transparency In Life, At Work And Across A Company's Culture.   ◼   Fostering An Ethos Of Innovation, Inclusion, Diversity & Interactive Learning.   ◻   THINGS I LOVE DOING (AND CAN HELP YOU WITH):   ◼   Creating & Managing Great User/Human Experiences.   ◼   Descriptive, Predictive & Prescriptive Data/Business Analytics   ◼   Augmented/Mixed Reality Based Immersive Experiences   ◼   Cognitive Robotic Process Automation   ◼   Writing Meaningful Content, Articles Or Anything That Drives Positive Change.   ◼   New Product Development & Management   ◼   Evolving Self-Awareness & Communications Across People & Teams.   MY WORK HISTORY / PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCES:   • Technical Lead   Oct 2019 – Present   Powersoft Nineteen (Pvt) Ltd.   Lahore, Pakistan   Developing, managing and empowering people, teams and companies with the Technologies that really help   improve their lives. Making business processes easier, faster and better to achieve more, together!   Functional Areas: Intelligent RPA, Data Analytics, AI, Machine Learning, Windows Apps, API Integration   Project Count:   8 (Scoped, Developed and Managed)   Tech Stack:   ML.NET, C#, Python, UiPath Community & Enterprise based Bots, Amazon Textract & Amazon   Comprehend Medical, AWS, Azure, WPF based App, WCF based Web Service, TCP Server, Microsoft 365 and more.   Last Updated: May of 2021   Page 2 of 3   • Freelance Technical Writer   Mar 2020 – Aug 2020 (6 mt)   Amazon’s Subsidiary - GetDotBot   Lahore, Pakistan   I ideate and write featured articles for, a resource website/community by Amazon for the AI   developers and professional users alike that covers a wide range of topics related to chatbots, AI and robotics. is part of a broader Amazon project called GetDotBot, which provides developers with tools to   develop their own bot and publish it with a .bot domain.   • Vice President, Engineering   Mar 2019 – Sep 2019 (7 mt)   Kaprix Consulting   Lahore, Pakistan   Digital workforce transformation through Robotic Process Automation & Artificial Intelligence. Delivering end-to-   end digital enablement for companies and individuals through customer-obsessed innovative thinking.   Streamlining and automating every process and operation ranging from KPIs through APIs.   • Process Automation Lead (.NET, RPA)   Apr 2017 – Jul 2018 (1.4 yr)   AppsGenii Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.   Lahore, Pakistan   I was assigned to be working in and around the ecosystem of Accelirate, Inc. (formerly known as AutomateWork   Inc.) headquartered in New Jersey, USA which is a partner company of AppsGenii Technologies.   •   Working Domains:   BPA, Cognitive RPA, AI / ML, Computer Vision, OCR   •   RPA Toolsets:   UiPath, Blue Prism   •   Frameworks/Platforms:   Microsoft .NET, C#, VB, HTML, JavaScript, SQL, Python   • Software Developer (.NET)   Oct 2016 – Apr 2017 (7 mt)   FiveRivers Technologies (Pvt.) Ltd.   Lahore, Pakistan   •   Developing, designing & implementing scalable .NET-based Apps and Solutions.   •   Writing clean, readable and reusable C# Code and Libraries. Creating database schemas in SQL Server that represent   and support business processes.   •   Test-driven Development in VS, .NET, C#, ASP.NET (MVC + WebForms), Web Services, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery,   AJAX, JSON, SQL, EF, LINQ, XML, SVG, Bootstrap, Adobe Creative Suite   • I.T. Coordinator (ERP Development | ASP.NET)   Nov 2015 – Apr 2016 (6 mt)   Porsche Pakistan – Performance Automotive Limited   Lahore, Pakistan   To propose, architect, develop, maintain and supervise a sophisticated in-house Application infrastructure with   the integration of corporate identity standards as defined by the Porsche AG marque.   •   Developed in-house ERP software modules: Interactive Asset Management, Aftersales Management   •   Architecting, Developing, Designing, Debugging, Implementing & Updating the ERP systems   •   Training end-users & assisting other staff to get familiar with existing and new IT solutions   • Independent Contractor (Award-Winning, Top-Rated Freelancer)   January 2016 – Present (5+ yr)   Upwork Inc.   Worldwide   Software Consultancy, Development, Management, Compliance, Financing & Marketing tech products & services   in a collaborative freelancing capacity operating under my name.   Profile Link:   MY FUNCTIONAL, TECHNICAL & MANAGERIAL APTITUDE:   •   Collaborative Problem Solving in Multi-National Environments   •   IT Strategy Development & Team Management   •   Microsoft .NET-based Desktop, Web, CLI, Mobile & UWP Development with expertise/experience ranging from   Frontend UI to Backend infrastructure and implementation strategies.   •   RAD (Rapid Application Development) platforms ranging from Low-Code & No-Code to building tailor-made,   custom-built, bespoke solutions from scratch.   Last Updated: May of 2021   Page 3 of 3   •   Programming/Scripting Languages: C#, Python, VB.NET, XAML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, SQL, XML, JSON, SVG, LINQ   •   Cloud Platforms:   Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS, GCP   •   Integration & RPA Platforms:   UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Microsoft Power Automate, Zapier, Integromat, IFTTT   •   Development Platforms/Libraries: .NET (DotNet) Framework + Core, UWP, WinForms, WPF, WF, WCF, EF, ADO.NET   •   Web Frameworks/CMS:   ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET WebForms, Umbraco, WordPress   •   Database Management Systems:   SQL Server, SQLite, Access, MySQL, Crystal Reports   •   Toolsets/IDEs:   Visual Studio, VS Code, Eclipse, NetBeans, PyCharm   •   Operating Systems: Windows 3.1 - 10, Linux, Android, DOS   •   Graphic Design:   Adobe Illustrator, PhotoShop, CorelDraw   •   Servers:   Windows Server, IIS, Linux Server   •   Productivity: Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio   •   Additional Skills (Beginner to Mid-Level Proficiency):   Xamarin, Vuforia AR Platform, Blazor, C++, C, WordPress, PHP, Android Studio, Dreamweaver, AfterEffects Video Editing,   iMacros Web Automation, Dynamics 365, SAP A1, Oracle ERP, VBA in Microsoft Access DB   MY MULTI-LINGUISTIC ABILITIES:   •   English Language   Bilingual / Full Professional Proficiency   Typing Ability: High-Precision Full QWERTY-Keyboard at 85+ WPM avg.   •   Urdu Language   Native / Bilingual Proficiency   MY ACADEMIC EDUCATION:   •   Bachelor’s Degree of Computer Science   2013-2015   Institute: Virtual University of Pakistan   Grade:   3.69 / 4.00 GPA   •   F.Sc. – Pre-Engineering   2010-2013   Institute: Government Shalimar College   Grade:   2nd Div   Majors: Physics, Chemistry, Math   •   Matriculation in Science   2009-2010   Institute: WAPDA Boys Highschool   Grade:   A+ 82.6% (top of my class)   Majors: Computer Science   MY CERTIFICATIONS / INDEPENDENT COURSEWORK:   •   Microsoft .NET Jumpstart   Microsoft Corporation   •   Accredited RPA Developer   Automation Anywhere   •   Automation Developer   UiPath   •   Inbound Marketing Certification   HubSpot Inc.   •   Multiple Short Crash Courses:   AI Foundations – Thinking Machines | Building Recommendation Systems with Python Machine Learning   Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan | Azure Cloud for Developers   Pluralsight & LinkedIn Learning   INTERESTS IN LIFE & WORK:   •   Brainstorming on new product ideas. | Exploring the world & cosmos as much as I can.   •   Keeping up with the cutting-edge trends/advancements in Technology.   •   Playing Guitar, Badminton, Gaming | Abstract Ideas in Physics, Robotics, Machine Learning, Quantum Computing   PERSONAL DETAILS:   •   Born:   July 31st, 1992   •   Gender:   Male   •   Citizenship:   Pakistani   •   Father’s Name:   Mumtaz Ahmed Qaiser   •   Marital Status: Single   •   CNIC # (PK):   35201-3114617-3   RECOMMENDATIONS, TESTIMONIALS & ENDORSEMENTS:   Please refer to my LinkedIn profile at Thank you!